a.    Only two Special Teams will be allowed at any individual event (exceptions may apply). 
b.     A Special Team can consist of two people of the same or different gender. 
c.     Both members of the Special Team must meet the applicable event minimum age requirement for registration participation.   
d.     A Special Team will consist of only two people (able-bodied athlete and disabled athlete) who shall compete in the entire race without any athlete substitutions. 

1.     Exceptions may apply. Substitution requests for the able-bodied athlete should be directed to the race specific email or to specialteams@ironman.com  

e.     Any Special Team wanting to participate in an IRONMAN or IRONMAN 70.3 event must have proof of having completed a previous triathlon event (together as a Special Team) of at least International Distance (Olympic Distance) within 12 months of the race date to ensure that the Special Team is capable of working in tandem. 
f.     The proof of completion of the triathlon must be submitted to the corresponding event’s Athlete Services email no later than 30 days prior to the race. In the event that such proof is not submitted or is not submitted before the 30-day deadline the Special Team will forfeit their slot in the race. Please submit the required documentation to the race-specific email.