Do I need to send documentation to prove I am a PC/ID Open athlete?
Yes. A form or follow up correspondence will be emailed to each athlete prior to the race requesting specific needs of each athlete. For more information, please contact the race specific email for more information. All ID Open athletes should contact for additional participation and eligibility requirements prior to registering for an event. 

Does a Guide have to pay the General Entry fee and how do I sign up?
The fee for a guide is waived. For races that require a National Federation License to compete, guides will need to purchase a one-day membership if he/she is not an annual member. Once a guide is confirmed, an entry link will be provided for the guide to register free of charge. Please note: If the PC/ID Open Division athlete needs to withdraw for any reason, the guide is not permitted to compete as an individual. 
Are there qualifying slots to the VinFast IRONMAN World Championship or VinFast IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship for PC/ID Open Division athletes?
There are no qualifying slots for PC/ID Open athletes at events. However, PC/ID Open athletes can enter in the Physically Challenged/Intellectual (PC/ID) Disability Division Drawing for a chance to be drawn for slots to the VinFast IRONMAN World Championship and VinFast IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.
How do I register as a PC/ID Athlete and what is the process for PC/ID Open athletes during Athlete Check-In?
Please contact the race-specific email to coordinate with the event staff. All ID Open athletes should contact